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Johnny Trigger Hack – Generate Unlimited Cash

Johnny Trigger is a game as several various other video games where main point is resources, in this instance: Cash. Johnny Trigger services Android and iOS. Acquiring Cash is challenging, game is made to ensure that it would get more challenging and also harder to earn those sources and also at some point gamers are primarily compelled to buy Cash with real cash. Nonetheless, we have actually developed online Johnny Trigger generator, which can generate unlimited Cash. Johnny Trigger online hack has these features: Cash generator. It sustains all game systems (Android and iOS), since we host this generator on our servers, browser is everything you need to access it. You can see Johnny Trigger Cash hack screenshot below, to launch it, please press button, yet keep in mind that there is a limited amount of resources we can include daily.

Johnny Trigger Hack ✅ Free Unlimited Cash & Gems Cheats (iOS/Android)

Everybody do the flop!

The do the flop guy liked to dance all the time
But he couldn’t do it right no matter how hard he tried
He had two left feet from an accident at birth
And every time he danced he always flopped face first
But then one day as he jumped in the air
Everybody turned and looked and they pointed and they stared
He had a bright idea right before he hit the floor
He shouted “everybody do the flop”: a new dance craze was born

Do do do the flop
Do do do the flop
Everybody do the flop x2

The do the flop guy was a viral sensation
Everybody did the flop all across the whole nation
He was front page news, with his new dance move
Everyone wanted to be in his new dance crew
But then one day, things started going wrong
When a flop concert was interrupted by a bomb (hello!)
He said please stop, but no matter what he tried
There was no stopping now for the do the flop guy


The do the flop guy had to start a new trend
Cuz the flop might the whole cause the whole world to end
He had stop people from flopping on their faces
He tried to invent a new dance sensation

Everybody do the don’t fall down
Everybody do the stay in place
Everybody do the standing up
Everybody don’t do the flop

Everybody do the don’t fall down
[Keep your feet on the ground]
Everybody do the stay in place
[Please don’t break your face]
Everybody do the standing up
[Don’t even put your hands up]
Everybody don’t do the flop

The do the flop guy couldn’t make them all stop
They didn’t like the new moves as much as the flop
They tuned him out, and they all turned their backs
Yeah they left him behind.102 and they called him a hack
The do the flop guy had nothing left to prove
There was only one thing that he knew how to do
It was in his blood, call it destiny or fate
He shouted “everybody do the flop” and the earth began to shake

Tool Name Johnny Trigger Hack
Tool Last Updated August 3, 2021
Current Status: Works
Operating System
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Cash unlimited generator
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